Sunday, August 29, 2010

KCAI ANIM: Hunting and Gathering Project, Part One

This is my favorite place back home. My bathroom back home is the place where I spent a majority of my youth reading and holds a special memory in my heart. This bathroom is where I learned to first shave, and is the first place I go every morning to see what dynamic shape my hair formed into while I slept. The first step every day of my life pretty much.
This is my view from my seat at Winstead's. This small diner at the entrance to the plaza was the first place I visited in Kansas City, even before KCAI. Brass poles and a constantly running juke box make this place a warm and comfortable retreat from the daily grind. My personal favorite is the massive "Skyscraper Shake" that is served in a glass vase, topped with home made whip cream. Decent food at decent prices and in close proximity to the school. Winstead's is the restaurant that I prefer in the immediate area and I suggest a visit to the dinner if your ever in the area, no matter the time.


  1. I love how clean the lines are!

  2. Concept:
    Excellent. At first glance, the content seems banal. But after reading the text, it becomes quite personal. I wonder if there could have been some props or objects that could help tell the story of the bathroom space better. Then again, if this were a film, you'd have multiple choices available to you to explore the meaning of the space...beyond the confines of a static image.

    Both compositions are pretty good. The perspective in both is slightly skewed, you may want to work on that a bit.

    The detail in the bathroom drawing is more involved than the Winsteads image. Which is interesting because it's from memory. You'd assume your access to the actual space would yield more opportunities to pick from than memory. The result is that the public space feels "cleaner" and more sterile than the bathroom. The overall lack of texture, tonality and gradation and/or color do strip the images of depth and atmosphere.

    Following instruction: