Monday, February 6, 2012

Robert Banocy 10 sec Freeform- sexy

10 second clip I made on topic sexy

Based roughly on the dance in the Chippendales sketch by Chris Farley and Patrick Sweazey on the show "Saturday Night Live"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Character Design for New project

Rodger Shimada

Reference for the Character

Top: Street Fighter Character Study done by Anthony Smith
Middle: Ryunosuke Umemiya from Shaman King Manga, By:
Bottom Left: Noburo Yamaguchi from the anime Chromartie highschool
Bottom Right: Bartender costume from Online

Rodger Back Story and bio:

Name: Rodger Kanada
Occupation: Chef& Bartender At Dancing Cherub Maid Café or Strip club (not sure yet)
Age: 25     Height: 5ft 10in
Relationship status: Single
Hobbies: Exercise, cooking, reading
Skills: very healthy and flexible from his training to be a dancer, Cooking, intermediate level hand to hand combat. Acomplished tailor
Fears: Failure, women, death, taxes
                Rodger grew up being raised by his single mother. Rodger often had to care for himself as his mom worked as a waitress in a near bye restaurant. Rodger never knew his dad but when asked; his mom claimed he was a dancer in a traveling troupe that left her on a one night stand. (In truth he was an erotic dancer at a club in another city that left early in the pregnancy)This inspired Rodger to become a dancer like his father. His mom supported his dream and allowed him to enter dance studios at a young age. Dancing consumed Rodgers life, while his grades suffered, though he showed great talent. Before mid way through high school Rodger’s mother suffers a stroke in her sleep and passes away. Left alone the world, Rodger fell deeper into his training as a dancer.  His perseverance paid off in the form of a full ride to an expensive dance school, that promised a bright future for him. However, because the school was so expensive Rodger was often ridiculed for his poverty. The tormentors in particular being a group of rich women. Once they even tied Rodger up and left him in the janitor closet, that night a blizzard struck and no one found him till the school was reopened 3 days later. This event impacted Rodger in the form of a acute case of Gynephobia=Fear of women.  His phobia made it practically impossible to continue his studies, and Rodger droped out of the school. This is when Edward Stevens ran across the young man. A friend of Rodger’s mother, Edward enrolled him in his own school known as the Gentlemen’s academy. The academy is a school that seeks to produce well rounded men who will go on to serve and advise leaders in every circle of life. Their the old man who gives the hero that one tip, or the barmen who gives logical sense, or the random Joe who seems to be more informed on life then most.  For the final year each student is assigned a work in residency at random and are expected excel in their positions. Rodger was assigned a position as bartender, at the Dancing Cherub café. Upon his arrival Rodger is greeted by the horror that is the Dancing Cherub Café a cosplay café where he is one of 3 men on the entire staff. Rodger refuses to leave though because he doesn’t want disappoint Mr. Stevens who saved him when he would have fallen.
Day to day Rodger deals with avoiding contact with the serving women and concentrates on the mainly male customers. He live in the apartment space above the store and cleans the place up after hours.
All rights to characters and such belong to their owners.
Rodger is man trying to do his best, and make those make his mother, and Mr. Stevens (who Rodger looks to like a father) proud.
Roger Kanada Rights belong to Robert Banocy 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

20 sec lip sync project

This is the Original character Design I had for the lip sync, but it was too complicated  for me to animate in the time frame I was working with.

This is my second design, very rough.

This is my final variant with a background concept.

20 sec lip sync project progress from Robert Banocy on Vimeo.


30 sec audio project

animated by Robert Banocy and Josh Grinlington
audio by: Neil Morrissey, and Trent coffin

Sunday, May 8, 2011


final from Robert Banocy on Vimeo.
Sound by Jeffery Kenkel

full animation from Robert Banocy on Vimeo.
Full animation no sound no color

rough out so far from Robert Banocy on Vimeo.

initial first rough from Robert Banocy on Vimeo.

Robert Banocy 2011(C)